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Fibromyalgia Massage

At Point Clear Wellness, I understand that the pain and discomfort you are feeling from Fibromyalgia is real. I also know that each case is different for every client.  With that knowledge, I aim to customize your massage session for optimized pain relief, better sleep, and less brain fog.


The good news is Fibromyalgia responds very well to gentle massage.  Gentle touch with massage or Craniosacral Therapy calms the overactive and hyper-vigilant nervous system that creates the pain flares, insomnia, and brain fog. 

I start each session with a short consultation to understand how you have been feeling, any symptoms, and if there have been any improvements from your last session.  I like to keep track of your progress with a small form which I will give you at each session. This way, we will have a concrete visual representation of your healing journey.

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