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The New Client Experience

I understand that it can be stressful to find a new massage therapist who will see to all of your needs so I am committed to giving you the best massage or bodywork session possible. This starts as soon as you have made an appointment and all the way through the end of your session.  

Please review the following to get some tips and ideas about your session.  You can also check my FAQ Page for more information. For tips on how to get the most out of your massage, read this post from the blog.

Point Clear Wellness massage room

Before your session . . .

Point Clear Wellness, LLC
  • To get the appointment time that works best for your schedule, be sure to book your appointment as far in advance as possible.  

  • Read your confirmation email closely to make sure all the information is correct.

  • Read the Cancellation Policy  in case you need to make changes.

  • We will email you a health questionnaire. Please complete it and email it back before your appointment. This is very important to save time for your session.

  • Check the directions to my office so you arrive on time.  If you are late, I might have to shorten your session.  Please call if you have questions about my location.

  • If the door is locked when you arrive at my office, please patiently wait.  I will open the door and wave you in as soon as I am done with my last client.

  • Your health is important to me, so each session starts with a 10-15 minute consultation where I will ask you about any issues you have, a few health questions, your goals for your session, and answer any questions you may have about your session.  This 10-15 minutes does not count against your massage time.  You will still get your full hands-on time.

  • After the consultation, I will leave the room and allow you to get undressed and on the table under the sheet and blanket.  I will only re-enter after knocking on the door and making sure you are ready for your session to begin.

  • During your session, you may talk to me or simply quietly relax.  This is your session, and I will customize in whatever way you would like.  Please let me know if the anything needs to be changed, such as the music volume, the lighting in the room, the amount of heat from the table warmer, or the pressure of the massage.

Your session . . .

Kylara Swartzlander of Point Clear Wellness

After your session . . .

Point Clear Wellness, LLC
  • After your session, you will probably feel very relaxed and sleepy.  This is perfectly normal.  It's a sign that your nervous system has been able to go into the Rest and Digest state that helps to battle the effects of stress on your body and improve mental functions.  It's important to keep the rest of your day relatively calm so that you can maintain this feeling for optimized effects. Take a warm bath, go for a gentle walk, or relax on the couch, any way to prolong the feeling of calmness.

  • Stay hydrated after your massage to help flush metabolic waste from your body.  However, I do not recommend alcohol after a massage.  Instead hydrate with water.  Herbal or green tea is also a great way to hydrate in a healthy way.

  • Depending on your goals for the massage, there might be some soreness the day after your massage.  This is also normal as getting a massage works the muscles similarly to an exercise workout.  The soreness should not last any longer than a day or two.​

  • Don't forget to re-book for your next massage before you leave the office.  Once out of the office, it's easy to forget about re-booking. 

  • Massage is a practice best done often for optimum results.  It's like going to the gym.  Doing it once is good, but the effects don't last long or have as big of an effect. 

  • Getting a massage regularly will help to improve your health for the long term.

Be sure to check our Special Offers Page for our introductory special for new clients.

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