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From Healing Hands to Transformative Journeys: The Rebrand of Point Clear Wellness

Purple marble background with title From Healing Hands to Transformative Journeys - The Rebrand of Point Clear Wellness

Hey there, lovely souls! 🌟

I’m beyond excited to share the journey behind the fresh new look and the rebrand of Point Clear Wellness. It’s been a heartfelt adventure, and I want you to know all about it. So grab a cozy drink, sit back, and let’s dive in!

The Beginning of the Rebrand of Point Clear Wellness Journey

Our journey kicked off back in 2019 when I attended my first craniosacral class. This incredible therapy opened up a new world for me, showing me a way to help those who need it most: the anxious, the depressed, and the traumatized. I’ve always felt a personal calling to support this group, but I wasn’t quite sure how to channel my gifts to make a real difference. Craniosacral therapy became a key to unlocking this path, but I knew I needed more tools to truly make an impact.

Enhancing Skills During Quarantine

Fast forward to 2020, during quarantine. I found myself diving into an online program for Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). It’s a fascinating process that uses language techniques to help re-program the brain for positive change. While NLP was amazing, I felt there was still something more needed to maximize its potential. So in 2022, I became a certified life coach, ready to inspire clients to rise above their challenges and become their best selves.

Certification in Mindfulness Meditation

In 2023, I took another step and became a certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher. This practice has been transformative, helping people become mindful of their thoughts, bodies, and selves. It restores peace and calmness, something we all need in our hectic lives. The final piece of the puzzle was completing classes in Somato Emotional Release, an extension of craniosacral therapy that facilitates a dialogue between the client and their subconscious to release emotional blockages.

A New Brand with a Purpose

With all these pieces coming together, I felt confident enough to re-brand my business. I wanted Point Clear Wellness to be a beacon for those struggling with depression, anxiety, and trauma, but I also wanted the brand to reflect the vibrant, positive energy my clients have come to know and love.

The New Look

Our new colors are vibrant and bold, symbolizing the energetic change and deep self-discovery we promote. Amethyst represents deeper clarity and peace, while blue sapphire embodies calmness and serenity.

Our new logo features a dragonfly, a symbol of inner light and transformation, and a waxing crescent moon, representing growth and shining light into the darkness of our subconscious. These elements perfectly capture the essence of what we strive for at Point Clear Wellness.

The New Slogan

Make Yourself a Priority” was inspired by my amazing clients. Many have told me that just being in my office reminded them to take care of themselves, to prioritize their wellness and well-being. This resonated deeply with my values and those of Point Clear Wellness.

What’s Next?

You can look forward to more insights about craniosacral therapy and Somato Emotional Release, with a focus on addressing mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Self-care will be a major theme, and I’ll be incorporating life coaching sessions into my schedule, along with a weekly meditation class. Of course, I’m still offering massage therapy—it’s a wonderful tool for reducing anxiety. And don’t worry, my quirky humor and creative body care products are here to stay! I’m working on some new recipes and might start selling them in the future, so stay tuned.

A Village Effort

This re-branding journey was far from a solo endeavor. I’m deeply grateful to everyone who contributed their thoughts on colors and logo designs. A special shoutout to the Nardoni family, especially Devon for her creative work on my logo and graphics, Anna of Hibiscus Graphics for designing my vibrant website, and Sydney of Radiant Photography for her incredible photography skills and vision.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Here’s to the next exciting chapter of Point Clear Wellness—together, we’ll continue to thrive and make ourselves a priority.

With love and gratitude,

With love and gratitude,



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