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Spring into a New Year

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I’ve always felt that January is an odd time to start New Year Resolutions. Yes, sure it’s the start of the new year in the calendar, but really, who wants to start anything new when it cold, dark, and gross outside? The world is asleep in winter, everything is resting and getting ready for spring. So why should we be doing anything different?

Spring is a time of high energy, vibrant growth, and fertility. Seeds that were planted in winter are starting to push their way out of the ground, trees are blooming, and nature is all about creating new life. It is, essentially, the new year in the natural world as a new cycle of growth begins again. Now is the time to create your own “new year resolutions”.

Connect with the high energy of spring, by finally starting that workout routine you have been putting off. The days are getting longer and warmer, making it easier to wake up early or stay out later to get exercise in your routine. It’s also a great time to start a new project, hobby, or something that will stimulate growth and creativity in your life. Fertility does not always mean something physical, it can also symbolize the birth of new ideas and actions, so this is a wonderful time to tap into any creative projects. Even though spring is a high fiery energy, it is also grounded and stable, making it a good time to start a calm routine for your morning, as spring is also associated with the morning time. Choosing something simple like 10 minutes of journal writing, 15 minutes of easy yoga, or 10 minutes of deep breath work are simple ways to incorporate a grounding practice into your day.

At Point Clear Wellness, the winter has been spent planting a lot of seeds to create growth this year. This spring, watch as we grow with Meditation classes, Life Coaching services, and even a new look to our branding and message of wellness and self-care as we expand. We are super excited to be bringing all of this to our wonderful clientele, and hope to serve everyone needs in some new and exciting ways.

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