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The Long Street of Dreams - The Origin of Point Clear Wellness

*some names have been changed to protect identities

Many of my clients know that it was aromatherapy that propelled into massage therapy, but only a very few know the story of my career and how Point Clear Wellness came to be. I always knew I wanted to work for myself ever since I was in massage school. However, I also knew it would be best to learn what I could from others before venturing out on my own.

I graduated massage school in the spring of 2008, and set out with enthusiasm upon my new career. I started off working in a large massage chain for 2 years, finding it a great place to learn from others and gain knowledge by working on many different bodies. Then, I left the chain to work in a few small independent places. However, in the summer Great Recession of 2010, I found myself unemployed and instead worked for a few years at a large hardware store chain.

It was while working at the hardware store that Point Clear Wellness got it's very first inkling of a beginning. A friend of mine and her husband were opening up a small place to teach Pilates and meditation, and they asked if I'd like to practice massage there as my own business. I jumped at the chance to possibly build up my own massage business. However, I was still working retail hours that were changing weekly, which did not allow me to have consistent hours for my clients. That inconsistency was my downfall, but all was not lost. While there I met a wonderful lady named Sam*, a lovely vivacious lady 20 years my senior, who had an incredible amount of faith in me. After I closed down shop, she invited me to massage her in her home, where she soon introduced me to many of her friends.

I started massaging Sam and her friends at their houses on a regular basis while continuing working various jobs in massage and retail. I worked at a few more massage chains and a few smaller places, gained much more experience in my skills, and met so many wonderful people as co-workers and clients. But it was the encouragement and faith that Sam and her friends had in me that helped push me into the confidence to start my own business. I saw them less as clients and more as my cheerleaders and friends. I was going through some difficult and dark times in my career, and they became a support group of older ladies who were filled with wisdom and optimism. A harbor during my various storms, they became the backbone of support in my career.

A day came in December of 2016 that I knew I was just done with working for others, when I knew I needed a bigger challenge and change. I was talking to a friend of mine from the very first massage chain I ever worked at, and I mentioned that I wanted to work for myself. Two weeks after our conversation, she texted me about her chiropractor wanting a massage therapist to work with him. I followed up on it, met with Dr. Roy and we both decided I'd be a good addition to Regent Park Chiropractic. I set up shop in his office and opened my door in February of 2017.

Now back to that group of wonderful ladies that helped me so much for a few years when times were dark. The funny thing is, they all lived on the same street, a very long street called Point Clear Drive. So when I was able to finally open up my own practice I decided to pay homage to my beginnings and the group who supported me most, the amazing and awesome ladies of Point Clear Drive. Seeing my business name always reminds me that hope and optimism is always there if I choose to look for it, that there are always a group of cheerleaders encouraging me when times get tough, and I'm strong enough to make it through anything with a little help from my friends. I find those lessons invaluable.

As for the addition of "wellness" to the name, well, I've always had plans to go beyond massage and create a wellness type of center comprising of several therapies working together for a common cause. Those are far future plans, but just like I knew I'd own my own business one day, I also know I can make this a big as I want with the help of friends, clients, and community. That's my dream for Point Clear Wellness, a place of wellness, health, and community. Four years down and many more to go, I'm excited to see how things unfold and the wonderful people I'll meet.


Post Script:

> Sam and her friends are still clients of mine, and they are still cheering for me and my successes. I greatly value their friendship and support over the last decade.

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